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As much as 30% of sweet and delicious apples and pears are set aside for cosmetic reasons, never reaching the produce section of your grocery store. These pieces of fruit are perfect inside, but may have a few unsightly bumps, blemishes or defects on the outside making their skin less attractive.  


Usually, these "quirky" fruits are sold to commercial wholesale companies that are able to remove the skin and use the sweet flesh inside in juices, apple sauce or baked goods. We know there are wise shoppers who appreciate that looks aren't everything. CMI Orchards is proud to deliver a way for everyday shoppers to also take advantage of this great opportunity to enjoy great quality, discounted imperfect fruit.


There are myriad ways to enjoy quirky apples and pears. Whether you're baking, juicing or peeling and slicing your fruit for snacking, once the outer layer is removed a beautiful piece of fruit is revealed inside. Just as sweet, juicy and delectable as Mother Nature intended.


Give "I'm Perfect" apples and pears a try and remember, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Beautifully imperfect. Perfectly delicious.


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